Hyde Abbey


“To my loving flag, if I’m found and killed…
I leave to you my heart and my shame,
I fought what they despised,
a bloodshed was done in vane,
The politicians shall die at our doors”

You make the orders,
missing your power,
You’re like the one,
Who crashed in the tower,
A power sick man,
Smelling nothing.
The vicious things,
That you now do.

Will one day
Come shining through,
And the blinded ones
They’ll know it’s true

In time you’ll get
A suitable frame,
Hanging next
To Hitler’s name,

You’ll walk The Hall of Shame,
Dreadfully longing for the end
Taste of dishonour over your soul
If it’s possible to have one in your world

A nation divided,
the South from the North,
A nation united
to hunt any choice,
A war won at the nation’s hand,
All to shred now our wishes
in life

Welcome the Hall of Shame

Good Bye, Dear President